Queen Availability

 Ankle Biters from Purdue

Ankle Biters from Purdue

Closed for the Season–Focusing on Research—Breeders Only

Delivery for naturally mated queens started last year the last week in May. The prior year it was June and the two prior years it was the fourth of July. I will not let queens go unless they meet my screening criteria. Weather can be a major factor in delivery timing.

Instrumentally inseminated queens are the first and last available. This is because I can gather the drones under an umbrella in the spring, and in the fall when drones are scarce I can gather the limited number and instrumentally inseminate.

For naturally mated queen orders. I get many e-mails asking about nuc’s and queen availability. What I suggest is you send an e-mail in a timely fashion. This will get you on the list by the date of the e-mail. There is no commitment on your part to purchase anything from Northwest Queens. This is just a place holder on a list. If you make other plans when contacted I will just move down the list to the next person. Unfortunately I cannot provide queens to everyone, but I try and do my best. From this first contact we can begin to discuss your genetic goals and whether I have anything that would help. Accurate dates are just not possible with mother nature involved. What I can do is keep you updated as your queens/nuc’s approach delivery. Local beekeepers come first in priority with a slight edge for those interested in using my stock to breed from.

Instrumentally inseminated queen availability can follow two different paths. I always raise more than I need because the unexpected usually happens. If I lose very few then the extras can be sold. Should one of these suit your needs then delivery of one of these is possible. The second way is to talk and I try and match via semen selection what is closest to your needs. This often has a longer flow time. I usually hold all queens until they are proven to lay.